How pure vanilla extract is made

Vanilla grows on an orchid vine. The blossoms have to be pollinated within 24 hours for a bean to form, so almost all commercial vanilla beans are hand pollinated. Although vanilla originated in Mexico, those considered “the best” come from Madagascar, an island off the east coast of Africa. Madagascar beans are steam “dried,” helping to retain moisture in the bean. Most Mexican vanilla is sun dried. 

​It takes about 4 weeks for the alcohol to extract the vanilla from the beans.  

Remember! Pure vanilla at the grocery store, by law, must contain 35% alcohol.  


Do you like to experiment with cooking?  

Add rum, brandy, or bourbon instead! Any type of alcohol will extract the vanilla flavor but these fun twists will give the vanilla a different taste.  

Looking for an unique gift?

Perpetual Vanilla makes a great stocking stuffer, wedding/ baby shower gift or really any kind of small gift! At it's inexpensive price, it makes the perfect add-on to any present. If you had the time you could pre-fill a few bottles with different alcohols and gift that homemade set. Since Perpetual Vanilla lasts for years it is a gift that keeps on giving.


Other uses?

Customers have told us they just love the smell of the vanilla.  Some have poured the vanilla extract onto cotton balls and placed them under their car seats as a natural air freshener while others have vacuumed them up when cleaning to make their whole house smell amazing!